Donald Cerrone recounts harrowing, close-deadly cave diving adventure

UFC megastar Donald Cerrone is time-honored for his unique style inner the Octagon and his death-defying stunts outside of it. but his latest intense sports adventure well-nigh led him to the awesome beyond.

appearing on The Joe Rogan adventure on Wednesday, “Cowboy” turned into asked about a contemporary cave diving travel, the yarn of which he originally shared to cordial media per week ago.

within the publish, Cerrone wrote that he changed into grateful to be alive after experiencing a “catastrophic worst case state of affairs,” a phrase that handiest scrapes the surface of his ordeal.

Cerrone, 35, is an experienced cave diver, having earned his certificates in high school, and on this event he become in Cozumel with some friends, where they spent a few days putting around the coral reefs. afterward, he and one different affiliate determined to go for a more severe dive.

This friend, who Cerrone credit with instructing him an awful lot about cave diving, turned into an older man, and Cerrone’s wife Lindsay warned him that she turned into concerned his declining motor knowledge could put the two of them in hazard. Cerrone did his optimal to assuage her fears.

“I’d just kissed my woman and my new child. She’s like, ‘I don’t definitely need you to move. The man you’re going with, I’m involved.’ I said, ‘What are you involved about? I’m coming domestic.’ here is what I do, I come home anytime, I’m coming domestic,” Cerrone stated. “So I order one more cylinder of air, just to f*cking have it. no one’s ever died as a result of they’ve too an awful lot air. In cave diving, you dive in thirds, so if we now have 3.”000 PSI, we’ll do 1.”000 PSI in, we’ll do 1.”000 PSI out and we have 1,000 PSI in case anything f*cking occurs.

“additionally, in cave diving you have got traces. In a cave, you’ll have already got a line run, a bunch of men like me, tech divers have long past into caves, they found them, they mapped them, they named them, and they put traces so you can follow them in case anything occurs. Get in and get out.”

At some point throughout the dive, Cerrone’s friend made a mistake while venturing off on his own and located himself in challenge. He begun to panic, which is the worst aspect any individual can do in that condition — “panic kills each person,” Cerrone noted — and Cerrone was pressured to make a choice: Go and help his friend, who at that aspect become tied up in the line they’d installation, kicking and spinning out of manage, or shop himself.

Cerrone defined that it’s an unwritten rule amongst divers that self-maintenance is a precedence as a result of how handy it is for the situation to strengthen, but he broke that rule and went in to assist his chum, putting them each in danger just as Lindsay had idea could occur.

all the kicking and thrashing about caused a buildup of silt in the water, making it unimaginable for Cerrone to even inform the place his chum became. the person’s easy was off and Cerrone didn’t be aware of if he had any air, if he had his regulator, or what situation he become in. At some point, Cerrone lost music of him absolutely and just like that he found himself alone in the silt.

“As soon as i go into the silt, I f*cking lose every thing,” Cerrone observed. “Lose my means, the place i’m, my up, my down, I don’t comprehend where i’m. I’m f*cking panicking now. I’m panicking! F*cking freaking out greater than I’ve ever, breathing complicated, bang, I hit my head on the f*cking ceiling and that i simply close my eyes and i’m like, ‘Goddammit detached the f*ck down, collected the f*ck down, unexcited the f*ck down, breathe.’ i will be able to’t even see my arms in front of me.”

finally, Cerrone was able to see the lights from his two watches, however nevertheless had no concept of what course he changed into in or the place he became in the cave. He’d taken a compass studying upon getting into, so he at the least knew the course he got here from, information that did him little respectable due to the fact the non-linear nature of the underwater structure.

All Cerrone could do become search blindly for the way out, whereas clinging onto any sensation he might consume to check his growth.

“You’re swimming against the existing, so you’re going the contemptible manner,” Cerrone said. “I in some way worked that into my f*cking panicked mind. ‘We’re swimming into the present, we’re swimming into the latest, we’re going the infamous approach.’ So I f*cking turn and swim lower back, I’m returned on the f*cking main line again. I find the main line just out into the clear, leading line. ‘F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!’ I initiate hyperventilating and panicking and that i’m pondering, ‘You f*cking piece of shit, here is how people die, what the f*ck are you…?’ and that i’m retaining in mind kissing my spouse and kissing my kid and saying, ‘I’m coming domestic. I’m coming domestic.’

“So I do it once again, f*cking assignment into the f*cking wonderful unknown, f*cking abyss, total blackout. an additional panic, an additional panic, f*cking freaked out, can’t find my means, hitting my head, kicking, losing air by using the f*cking 2nd. because now I’m respiration tough and i’m breathing f*cking irrational and that i’m sucking my tanks dry. mind you, there’s no respond to this after I breathe my final breath.”

Alternating between detached and panic, Cerrone managed to be aware how deep he become and additionally estimated that he had about an hour of air left. those infrequent moments of clarity had been spent considering drowning, which he described as his “biggest fear,” rigging his buoyancy handle gadget to elevate him as much as the cave ceiling the place he might as a minimum search along the floor for an exit, and most disturbingly, wondering how he was going to clarify his dying to his family unit.

“after I run out of air, I’m now pondering in my intellect, how am I going to die?” Cerrone said. “tell my wife, inform my kid I’m coming home and now I’ve obtained to f*cking recognise how am I going to die? I actually have a notepad that you elevate in your pocket to attract and write on, I’m pondering, ‘What are you going to claim? What’s your letter going to be? You’re writing a f*cking loss of life letter? You’re awake. You’re a fighter. We determine this out. We don’t f*cking locate a way to quit, you f*cking bitch.’

“These are the conversations I’m having with myself while I’m in f*cking complete panic mode and finished darkness, thinking that here is how individuals die. What the f*ck are you doing? You’re going to put in writing a letter to you’re f*cking child and inform her the way you f*cked up, ‘I’m sorry, daddy’s now not coming home?’”

After a whole lot frustration, Cerrone recalled that there was a tremendous crack that ran alongside the right of the cave and, nonetheless panicking, he started to search for it. He discovered it and followed it unless he saw light but in a single ultimate merciless twist, grew to be caught on his preliminary route. besides the fact that children, he deserted the theory of getting out through that gap and followed the crack alongside further until he became able to find his means out.

His chum had made it out as well, and he and Cerrone shared the somber consciousness that this often is the remaining time they dove together — notwithstanding Cerrone informed Rogan that he nonetheless plans to cave dive in the future. Cerrone texted his wife and advised her there turned into “a scary f*cking moment, but daddy’s coming home.”

Cerrone says the journey messed with his head and he nonetheless has nightmares about being lost in a depressing cloud of silt. unlike other instances in his life the place he’s well-nigh died, this changed into a torturous, drawn-out experience, where he was perpetually aware about how his time changed into ticking away.

Consciously, the thought of demise become unavoidable, however the internal “Cowboy” turned into as lively as ever.

“The inner me, the fighter: ‘You determine it the f*ck out,’” Cerrone pointed out. “but become I going to write a letter? i was f*cking rattling near writing a letter.”